Still Cleaning Your Shotgun the Hard Way?

Here’s how you can get it done in just 15 seconds.

Let us make gun cleaning easier!

If you enjoy hunting and shooting, you’ll want to keep your gun in the

best possible condition–whether you shoot every weekend or just a few times a year.

Avoid the messy stuff

A simple, compact case that includes

five cartridges ready for immediate use.

No other cleaning supplies necessary.

Industry-leading solvent

Remove plastic, lead, and copper fouling

with a single use. Pre-applied lubricant

cleans and protects against rust.

Save time and money

No need to learn advanced techniques or

deal with disassembling the gun. Skip the

list of normal supplies with one order.

Avoid accidental discharge

Less moving pieces means it is easier to

focus on getting the job done without

worrying that you forgot something.

Get back out on the range or in the woods.

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How our patented design works:

  • Foam End – Lubricates and cleans with a new solvent.
  • Cotton Body – Removes and polishes both directions.
  • Brush – Frees difficult particles for an easy clean.
  • Braided Wire – Ensures all pieces are secure.
  • Barrel Extension – Reaches with a detachable handle.

The ultimate gun-cleaning solution

“This product has seriously made clean up so much easier! If you haven’t already, you really need to do yourself a favor and purchase this kit because it will save you SOO much time and stress!!

Jessica G.

Verified Buyer

“My ordered arrived in incredible time. Was out of town when I ordered and product arrived before I got back home. it’s a really well designed system. It works incredibly well and I’ll be a customer for a long time. Shirts are incredibly soft as well.”

James C.

Verified Buyer

Try the QuickShot Cleaning Kit Today!

You don’t have to be a gunsmith to keep your personal firearm in

top-notch condition every day.