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12-Gauge Quick Shot
Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Ramrod and Handle | (5) 12 Gauge Quick Shots

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Gun cleaning shouldn’t be a hassle

If you enjoy hunting and shooting, you’ll want to keep your gun in the best possible condition–whether you shoot every weekend or just a few times a year.

Avoid the messy stuff

A simple, compact case that includes five cartridges ready for immediate use. No other cleaning supplies necessary.

Industry-leading solvent

Remove plastic, lead, and copper fouling with a single use. Pre-applied lubricant cleans and protects against rust.

Save time and money

No need to learn advanced techniques or deal with disassembling the gun. Skip the list of normal supplies with one order.

Avoid accidental discharge

Less moving pieces means it is easier to focus on getting the job done without worrying that you forgot something.

Get back out on the range or in the woods

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  • Foam End – Lubricates and cleans with a new solvent.
  • Cotton Body – Removes and polishes both directions.
  • Brush – Frees difficult particles for an easy clean.
  • Braided Wire – Ensures all pieces are secure.
  • Barrel Extension – Reaches with a detachable handle.

Here’s why you want to give “QuickShot” a go!

  • Hunters and shooters love their sport, however the cleaning aspect is the one draw-back. It’s time-consuming, tedious, and expensive.
  • With the QuickShot Cleaning Kit this task can be completed to a professional level of clean before even leaving the range or woods.
  • No containers, solvents, brushes, and not traveling around with a huge case of cleaning tools.
  • No excess oil that reduces the performance of your gun.

The Ultimate

Gun-Cleaning Solution

What a genius product: bristles, solvent, and clean rag passthrough all in one. It gets my shotgun the same level of clean as other products (if not more) but with literally no setup or cleanup. I’m so glad to be able to toss my pile of dirty cleaning rags and stop getting bore snake juice all over! This so easy and efficient to simply put through each barrel once or twice and to be done cleaning quickly and completely.

Physically, each of the Quick Shot attachments are really sturdy with a strong metal base that screws in snugly to the push rod– this sturdiness feels good and is important to me. The packaging is easy to open and each item is nicely sealed, so you can tell the built-in solvent is still good and moist and will stay that way. The bristles are nice and tough and the red absorbent/cleaning piece picks all the residue up nicely.

Oh, also the portability is awesome! The sealed packaging capsules fit perfectly into my gun case! (see my picture) I certainly won’t be switching back to the old laborious process of cleaning my 12 gauge. I honestly can’t wait until they release a product for my other caliber guns.

I have been testing out new ways to clean my gun for a little while now and I will be honest and say I was skeptical about this product because it almost seemed too good to be true. However – my skepticism was unfounded as this is my new absolute favorite product on the market. It comes packaged in an air tight tube and the sponge tip is already soaked in solvent. It is a snug fit down my barrel and removes residue I didn’t even realize was still there. I was also very amazed at ease of reuse. I was able to wash it and will be able to reapply solvent and use it again many times in the future. 10/10, this is a must buy to save time and energy in the cleaning process. Also, extremely fast shipping, and received fast feedback from the seller on questions about this product. very good customer service.

This quick shot kit is exactly what I was looking to add to my gun cleaning needs. It is quick and easy. I liked how each “shot” within the kit will clean my gun thoroughly. Sometimes, like most shooters, I will forget to clean my gun after use, this is a quick fix that will help in the field. It is very transportable and I like how it looks like a shell. I will continue to use these products and I am on the lookout for the 20 gauge when they are released.

Grab Your Quick Shot Cleaning Kit Today!

NOW ONLY: $39.99 $29.99 + Free Shipping!

You don’t have to be a gunsmith to keep your personal firearm in
top-notch condition every day..

*While Supplies Last!

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